Overcome Perfectionism In Your Online Business


If you are creating a course or offering it can be easy to get into a space where you feel it all needs to be perfect before you can launch it into the world.

It makes sense - you want it to be amazing and truly transformational for your clients - but if you are finding yourself needing to constantly add more, tweak and change things and you are always feeling like it’s just not quite ready - then it’s likely that you are heading down the road of perfectionism that will bottleneck your ability to create more impact and income with your offerings.

This pattern of behaviour often comes from the underlying belief that “I’m not good enough”. It’s such a common one and it often comes from being judged in some way when we are young - and then taking that as a personal belief about who you are. But it’s just someone else's judgement - and not really anything to do with you.

You are good enough and your gifts are what so many people need.

There will be people who judge your work, but they are not your people! 

There will also be the clients waiting for you to put that offer infront of them so that they can take you up on it!

Once you recognise that you are transferring this belief into your business, it’s actually great because then you can do something about it and celebrate all that you have already achieved. 

You have likely already overcome so many mindset hurdles to even decide to begin your business and don’t need to let this hold you back either. 

You do have so much to share with the world - and there are people out there that can only experience transformation through the unique way you are able to connect with them and share the wisdom.

It doesn’t need to be 100% perfect or feel complete. Results come from taking action. 

Get it out there - as one of my mentors Rachel Rogers says: “launch it ugly”.

You will be able to refine and change it once it is out in the market and you get real life feedback - it is part of developing a truly epic product that gets people talking and sharing it with their friends. 

So say the mantra daily - I am good enough. Place it around your house to remind yourself often.

What action will you take now to begin getting out of perfectionism and get your product or service into the world?


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