How to get more of what you want (and less of what you don’t want) in your business


You might have heard the term - what you appreciate, appreciates. I’m not sure who originally said it, but it’s so true.

What you put your attention on - is what you get more of. 

It can be easy in business (and life) to look at what isn’t working and keep going to those points to try to fix them) but when your attention is always on what seems broken, you can end up wasting time and energy fixing little things rather than focusing on the creative, revenue generating tasks that move your business forward.

I'm not saying to stick your head in the sand though... It's a really smart practice to look at your numbers on a regular basis. Data can give you a really great perspective, that takes a lot of the emotion out of the results and helps you see where to put more energy moving forward. 

And, if you want to attract more clients, opportunities and revenue - appreciate all the success you are having, no matter how big or small and celebrate it. 

  • Celebrate that you gave things a go - even if it didn’t work out how you hoped it would. 
  • Appreciate all of the ways you’ve shown up in your business.
  • Appreciate what is working and do more of that! 

Building an online business is a massive learning curve and there’s always more to learn. If you are critical with yourself along the way it’s going to feel so much harder than it needs to be. 

Think of your business as if its like a baby or a small child - as a baby is learning to walk, how would you talk to them?

Tell them all the things they are doing wrong?

Or celebrate that they are putting one foot in front of the other? 

I'm assuming it's the latter!

If you are putting one foot infant of the other in your business, then it’s time to be your own biggest cheerleader. Build the muscle of self appreciation and celebration, so that when you fall - and you will - you can pick yourself back up and step back out again.


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