How To Find The Best Money Mindset Affirmations


If you have ever used affirmations before, you might have experienced mixed results, where sometimes they are great and help you to feel abundant and amazing - other times perhaps you say them and they cause your tummy to tighten and they leave you feeling worse. 

If you are left with a knot in your tummy more often than not, I've got some suggestions for you today that will help you to choose powerful affirmations, that will anchor you into your innately wealthy self and get the cash flowing in your business. 

There is no shortage of affirmations to choose from out there, so if you are going to use them as a tool to glow up your money mindset, here is how you can do it to make sure you are choosing one that will support you to expand and grow. 

Say it out loud and notice what happens in your body as you say it. Do you feel tight and constricted, or do you feel relaxed and calm?

If you are feeling constricted, there is a subconscious limiting belief that is counteracting your positive affirmation. 

So choose an affirmation that already feels good.  

Here are some beautiful affirmations that help you align with your true self to get you started:

  • I am powerful
  • I am innately worthy
  • I am wealthy in all ways
  • I have value to share
  • I am open to receive
  • I am the source of my wealth
  • I am the leader people are looking for
  • My words uplift and inspire others
  • I appreciate the wealth that already surrounds me

You don't need lots of affirmations - but what we focus on grows, so choosing one affirmation to have on repeat and connect with the feelings it allows you will be effective at shifting your being.


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