How To Get Over Refund Requests


If you’ve put an offer out into the world and are making money from it, there will come a time in your journey when a client requests a refund from you. It might come along with a reason why, or not, but either way, it can be very easy to take it personally and see it as a direct insult to you personally or towards your offering (that you’ve poured your heart and soul into).

It can bring up thoughts like: 

  • "Maybe my offer sucks, perhaps I need to change it"
  • "I am not cut out for this kind of work"
  • "I’m no good at this, maybe I should go back to my job"

We can make it mean all sorts of things and take it really hard, but the truth is, when someone asks for a refund, or declines your offer, they are doing it from their own set of beliefs and sometimes in the personal development world taking a course that asks them to stretch either personally or financially is just too big a step out of their comfort zone. 

Getting refund requests is all part of the entrepreneurial journey, so what if you could celebrate your first refund request as a milestone and a positive sign of the epic work you are doing, to put yourself out there, share your message and change the lives of others through your innate gifts. 

The more refund requests you get, the more you’ll find ways to automate them, and you can eventually hand the task off to your VA, so it doesn't even need to go through you personally. 

As long as you are getting lots more sales than refund requests and you’ve got lots of happy customers that are experiencing amazing results because of the work they’ve done with you, then you don’t need to give the refund requests any more attention, or make it mean anything more than knowing it is a natural part of the journey.


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