Don't let doubt destroy your launch


There's a sneaky little emotion that can rear it’s head when we go to launch our product or service into the world - it can be hard to recognise sometimes and it can appear out of nowhere and hold you back from moving forward if you are not careful…

What am I talking about?

It’s the experience of doubting yourself.

Doubt can manifest in many forms - procrastination, avoidance, perfectionism and self criticism.

It often pops in when you are stretching yourself and putting yourself out there in ways that you might not have before. Like writing a new sales page, creating ad copy, putting together your webinar or challenge - and when you try to do any of those things with doubt present, it will take five times as long and you’ll be fighting yourself to get it done.

That doesn’t sound like much fun does it?

So then, what can you do to get out of the battle of the doubt?

Here’s a pathway that may help…

1. Become aware of the doubt when it’s present - when you notice that it is there, you are creating separation and becoming the observer of it.

2. Accept it for what it is and that it isn’t who you are anymore. The doubt is likely a way that your brain is trying to keep you safe based on how you interpreted past experiences. You can let your wonderful brain know that you don’t need the doubt anymore.

3. Shift your state and align with your true self. Go for a walk, have a dance, soak up the sun, smell a rose. When you choose to nurture the strength and beauty that you truly are, you are claiming your power back and choosing a new energised way to move forward.

Continue to bring attention to who you truly are - because what you give attention to grows!


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