Want to create more time freedom in your online business? Do this...


The reason most online entrepreneurs get into business is to create more time and money freedom. But something interesting can happen where entrepreneurs find an area that they love to work in, people they love to work with and they end up working more than they would have if they were in a job.

It can be easy to prioritise building your business for the future, so that you can have time and money freedom one day, but on the road to getting to that one day means lots of valuable family time missed, long hours overworking and sacrificing all of the things that drove you to decided to become your own boss in the first place. 

Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?!

The way to create the lifestyle you want through being your own boss is to begin living that life now and bringing as much into your day as possible. 

Here's something to consider...

  • You are your own boss, so are you being a good boss to yourself?
  • If you were in a job would you like someone else treating you they way you are treating yourself?

Maybe your answer is 'yes' and that's awesome, but if you are not sure or if your answer is no, then it's time to become aware of what kind of boss you want to be to yourself, and to your employees. We are usually so much tougher on ourselves than we are on others!

When you are resting, recharging and prioritising yourself, you are much more likely to have the energy to show up as your best self in your business. You'll have more inspiration and be more creative and productive in your business.


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