Why you should charge well for your work


When I first began working with clients I felt really awkward charging for my work and I even felt bad about the clients having to pay, I just wanted to give it all away for free. But over time as I saw the amazing transformation that would occur after I did sessions with people, I would often feel 'off' because I knew deep down that I should have been charging more. 

Often, as part of the certification process when we learn a new modality, there is the requirement to work with other people to gain experience and confidence, which of course is great. 

But it doesn't build confidence in the value of offering the service or transformation, so it can often feel hard to ask for money in exchange for offering the service. 

When you don't ask for money you are giving with a closed fist and it means there isn't an equal energy exchange because the person receiving your service can't share anything with you in return.

When they can't give something they value in return for the transformation you can support them with, they will often not value your service and it's unlikely they will experience the level of transformation that would otherwise be possible. 

When people pay well for a service, they value it more and are more likely to embrace the transformation in their lives. 

I really don't like hearing business coaches saying "Charge what you are worth" - because we are so valuable, we're priceless - so how can we put a number on that?!

Instead consider: "Charge what the transformation you offer is worth" - When you tune into the value of what working with you is for someone, and even what it might cost them if they don't work with you - it's so much easier to name a price and feel confident in stating that price. 

So if you know you are undercharging, or not charging at all, this is your invitation to feel into the value of the transformation that you can support people with, and also the cost in their lives if they don't work with you. This will help you build confidence in naming a price and creating an equal energy exchange for your beautiful work.



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