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If you're a solopreneur, or even if you have a team - you are likely the one who drives the main ideas.

If you are always running on empty it takes all of the fun out of it and it can bottleneck your ability to increase your income and take your business to the next level.

But it’s easy to think that we need to spend more time working to get more done isn’t it - that’s how it works for machines, so shouldn’t the same equation be true for us? Well, as you know, we are not machines!!

We are complex, magnificent beings - and we thrive on balance and nourishment that comes in many forms.

When are the times you’ve come up with your most profound ideas?

Is it when you are sitting in front of your computer, putting in long hours, or is it when you are in the shower, or out in the vege garden, or taking a walk in nature?

My best ideas always seem to come to me in the shower - there is something about the combination of the relaxing warm water, the white noise of the shower and the time daydreaming that allows inspiration to rise up.

When we try to force ideas, when we are so in our heads trying to ‘figure it out’, we are often in some element of stress mode, which limits our ability to see the big picture, instead our mind goes into survival mode and spending too long in this space leads to burnout.

So scheduling time for rest is far from a waste of time - it is one of the best uses of time there is for creative entrepreneurs. In fact the more time you spend resting, the more productive you’ll be in a shorter amount of time when you do sit in front of your laptop to work.

To get your inspiration & creativity flowing, explore what feels restful, nurturing and restorative to you... For some people it’s exercise like hiking, running, dancing or meditating - for others it’s painting, pottery or baking.

Create a list of the things you love to do and schedule that into your work day. Also consider carrying around a little notebook, or have a dedicated page in your notes app for creative ideas so that you can capture them on the go.

Your inspired ideas change the world... will you create the space to let them flow?


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